Weekly Fintech Focus

  • California passes a new law to help cannabis businesses and their service providers access financial services.
  • NY DFS calls for designating certain social media companies as systemically important to impose cybersecurity regulations.
  • The European Central Bank issues a new report about moving forward with development of the digital euro.

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Perkins Coie’s Fintech industry group is proud to sponsor and participate in DC Fintech Week next week – October 19-22.

We hope you can join us! Registration is free- tune in live, from anywhere: https://next.brella.io/join/dcfintech2020

Partner Troy Foster will be a panelist on the following session:

Title: How do you produce innovation?
Description: Creating innovative fintech isn’t usually the product of an epiphany. Instead, it’s the result of processes designed to generate new ideas.  In this session we talk about how innovation is created, and how diversity of thought and experience can create competitive advantages in the process.

Date: Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Starts at: 12:45pm EST – Ends at: 1:20pm EST 

Panelists: Reece Akhtar (Deeper Signals), Brant Cooper (Moves The Needle), Jannick Malling (Public.com), Troy Foster (Perkins Coie)

Moderators: Maria Adamjee (Megalodon Capital), Troy Paredes (Paredes Strategies LLC)

While you’re waiting for DC Fintech Week to start, be sure to check out the following publications from Perkins Coie’s Fintech group:


Weekly Fintech Focus

  • FinCEN and OFAC issue advisories on handling ransomware attacks, putting victims and those who help victims pay cybercriminals on notice that ransomware payments are risky and could result in violations of U.S. financial and sanctions laws.
  • California signs into law its new consumer protection law, creating an expanded agency and giving it new enforcement and licensing powers.

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FIA Law & Compliance Division Conference
October 7-9

New York Partner, Kari Larsen is a panelist for the OnDemand session “Electronic and Automated Trading” at this year’s FIA Law & Compliance Division Conference. More details on the session is below. Link to the conference page is above.

Electronic and Automated Trading

Reg AT may be dead, but efforts to regulate electronic and automated trading are not. This panel will explore the current regulatory landscape as well as what is on the horizon.

Moderator: Kimberly Johns, Managing Director & Senior Counsel, Goldman Sachs


Kari Larsen, Partner, Perkins Coie

Thomas Sexton, President & Chief Executive Officer, National Futures Association

Andrew Stevens, General Counsel, IMC Financial Markets

Andrew Vrabel, Executive Director, Global Investigations, CME Group

Weekly Fintech Focus

  • OCC releases Interpretative Letter that clarifies national banks’ and federal saving associations’ ability to hold certain stablecoins as reserves in a hosted wallet.
  • California DBO awards grants for financial education and empowerment programs.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • FinCEN issues final rule that implements certain AML requirements on banks that lack a federal functional regulator.
  • FinCEN seeks public comment on AML Program requirements.
  • State regulators announce the “One Company, One Exam” for licensed payment firms.
  • The CFPB published its SBREFA outline for the upcoming small business loan data rule.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • HUD finalizes fair lending rule that clarifies disparate impact claims, but leaves out controversial defenses for algorithms.
  • California’s DBO to receive a new name and new oversight powers.
  • CFPB will host its first Tech Sprint in October, focused on adverse action notices.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • The CFPB settles with two remittance transfer providers for EFTA and remittance transfer rule violations.
  • The CFPB reports early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer credit.
  • FinCEN releases statement in advance of media outlets intent to publish articles based on unlawfully disclosure SARs.
  • The FTC seeks comments on 5 rules that implement the FCRA.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic effects have accelerated the speed of change in the financial services industry. The need for optimization and acceleration of digital adoption requires urgency and more than just an organic approach to growth and innovation.

To succeed in the current environment, financial institutions, fintech companies, and technology companies must coevolve. At the heart of the coevolution approach is effective capture of the synergies between the parties, allowing them to each bring their strengths to the relationship so that they can evolve and grow at the same time.

Click here to read the update.

Weekly Fintech Focus

  • The CFPB orders a bank to pay over $100 million to resolve a pattern of violations of EFTA, UDAAP, and FCRA related to the bank’s overdraft services.
  • The CFPB issues an RFI seeking information about the effect of the CARD Act on small entities.
  • FinCEN provides clarification about bank customer due diligence flexibility for onboarding and servicing PEP customers.
  • The CFPB is still on track to issue its small business data rule outline of proposals in September.
  • The OCC clarifies how credit card issuers choose which state’s interest rate can be used with its credit cards based on where the bank makes the loan.

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