Weekly Fintech Focus

  • A regulatory freeze imposed by the new administration puts controversial rulemakings on ice.
  • The CFPB finalizes its rule clarifying the role of supervisory guidance.
  • Federal banking regulators issue FAQs on SAR filing obligations.
  • The Federal Reserve continues to support the development of AI in financial services.
  • OCC Issues Ruling Permitting National Banks to Use Certain Blockchain Technologies
  • California issues proposed rules for sharing data on marijuana-related businesses to promote due diligence and KYC efforts.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • The California DFPI begins operating January 2021 and looks to regulate new industries.
  • The OCC finalizes its rule on fair access to financial services, prohibiting large banks from denying services to whole industries.
  • Federal banking regulators publish proposed rule to impose additional notification requirements for a broader range of computer-security incidents.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • FDIC issues an updated brokered deposit rule, creating new exceptions relevant to fintechs working with bank partners.
  • FDIC issues a final rule clarifying its expectations for ILC charter applications.
  • CFPB issues an advisory opinion on Special Purpose Credit Programs to clarify how creditors can offer these programs to disadvantaged groups.
  • CFPB grants access to its compliance assistance sandbox to an earned wage access company, which meets the CFPB’s recent guidance on such programs.
  • PayPal wins the first round in its efforts to throw out aspects of the CFPB’s prepaid rule, resulting in a court throwing out certain mandatory disclosures and the 30-day waiting period for digital wallets.
  • New York enacts second-in-nation law requiring disclosures for commercial purpose loans.
  • The CSBS goes to court again to stop the OCC from issuing a charter to a fintech company.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • House Financial Services Committee sets priorities it hopes the incoming Biden administration will enact.
  • First major bank prohibits use of its credit cards for buy-now-pay-later transactions.
  • CFPB issues another no action letter for unsecured, closed-end installment lending model with AI underwriting.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • FTC files suit against a mobile app that advertised high-interest deposit accounts and easy access to customer funds but failed to deliver.
  • OCC proposes rule to ensure fair access to financial services and to codify the reversal of policies imposed under Operation Choke Point.
  • CFPB issues an advisory opinion clarifying that certain earned wage access services are not credit under Regulation Z.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • FDIC issues a paper on operational resilience to compile insights from existing regulations, guidance, and best practices.
  • CFPB issues a no-action letter for a small-dollar loan product.
  • CFPB issues consent order to a bi-weekly payment program that deceptively represented its benefits and fees.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • The CFPB issues an ANPR to engage in a rulemaking process on consumer access to financial records under Section 1033 of Dodd-Frank.
  • NYDFS expects regulated financial institutions to assess climate change risks.
  • Federal banking regulators look to codify that supervisory guidance is not binding.
  • The OCC issues its “true lender” final rule.
  • The effective date of the recent HUD disparate impact rule is enjoined by district court.
  • Senate Democrats introduce a bill to prohibit discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for banks and other financial institutions.
  • Quarles discusses the FSB’s growing concern with nonbanks in light of their interconnectedness with the financial system and vulnerabilities manifested during the pandemic.
  • The FDIC finds a shrinking unbanked population and encourages further innovation in banking technologies to create a more inclusive banking system.
  • Digital bank, its API provider, and its licensed bank settles claims related to system service outage.
  • SoFi obtains conditional approval for its national bank charter.

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Weekly Fintech Focus

  • California passes a new law to help cannabis businesses and their service providers access financial services.
  • NY DFS calls for designating certain social media companies as systemically important to impose cybersecurity regulations.
  • The European Central Bank issues a new report about moving forward with development of the digital euro.

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Perkins Coie’s Fintech industry group is proud to sponsor and participate in DC Fintech Week next week – October 19-22.

We hope you can join us! Registration is free- tune in live, from anywhere: https://next.brella.io/join/dcfintech2020

Partner Troy Foster will be a panelist on the following session:

Title: How do you produce innovation?
Description: Creating innovative fintech isn’t usually the product of an epiphany. Instead, it’s the result of processes designed to generate new ideas.  In this session we talk about how innovation is created, and how diversity of thought and experience can create competitive advantages in the process.

Date: Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Starts at: 12:45pm EST – Ends at: 1:20pm EST 

Panelists: Reece Akhtar (Deeper Signals), Brant Cooper (Moves The Needle), Jannick Malling (Public.com), Troy Foster (Perkins Coie)

Moderators: Maria Adamjee (Megalodon Capital), Troy Paredes (Paredes Strategies LLC)

While you’re waiting for DC Fintech Week to start, be sure to check out the following publications from Perkins Coie’s Fintech group:


Weekly Fintech Focus

  • FinCEN and OFAC issue advisories on handling ransomware attacks, putting victims and those who help victims pay cybercriminals on notice that ransomware payments are risky and could result in violations of U.S. financial and sanctions laws.
  • California signs into law its new consumer protection law, creating an expanded agency and giving it new enforcement and licensing powers.

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