Perkins Coie’s Fintech industry group is proud to sponsor and participate in DC Fintech Week next week – October 19-22.

We hope you can join us! Registration is free- tune in live, from anywhere:

Partner Troy Foster will be a panelist on the following session:

Title: How do you produce innovation?
Description: Creating innovative fintech isn’t usually the product of an epiphany. Instead, it’s the result of processes designed to generate new ideas.  In this session we talk about how innovation is created, and how diversity of thought and experience can create competitive advantages in the process.

Date: Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Starts at: 12:45pm EST – Ends at: 1:20pm EST 

Panelists: Reece Akhtar (Deeper Signals), Brant Cooper (Moves The Needle), Jannick Malling (, Troy Foster (Perkins Coie)

Moderators: Maria Adamjee (Megalodon Capital), Troy Paredes (Paredes Strategies LLC)

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