Below is a list of some of the significant legal and regulatory actions that occurred over the past week. This alert is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all such developments, but rather a selection of publicly-reported news that may be of particular interest.

U.S. Developments

  • Arizona Bill Seeks to Recognize Validity of Smart Contracts and Blockchain Records
  • Virtual Currency Provisions Proposed under Vermont’s Money Transmitter Laws
  • SEC Seeking Comments to Proposed Listing of Bitcoin Investment Trust on NYSE Arca

International Developments

  • Philippines Adopt Virtual Currency Regulations
  • People’s Bank of China Issues Warning to Digital Currency Exchanges
  • Reserve Bank of India Warns Consumers Against Digital Currencies
  • New Questions Emerge on the Legality of Virtual Currency in the United Arab Emirates

For more information on the listed actions, visit our Virtual Currency Report blog. For a comprehensive list of developments please see our Virtual Currencies: International Actions and Regulations.